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02 March 2008 @ 06:04 pm
Breaking Dawn Theories/Discussion  
While many of the posts I have read lately have been very much movie related, some people excited as hell and others just whining because Kristen and Rob are supposedly ‘ugly’ (don’t worry, not any of you guys, mainly the msn group discussions that have been flooding my inbox), I have been completely and utterly wrapped up in my excitement for Breaking Dawn. Just the thought of having to wait another 5 months is pretty much killing me, so, I thought we could have a bit of a discussion and theory chat now.

Ok, so to start with, we have been given a number of things which I consider to be clues. Some are pretty obvious and others are what I believe have either been very cleverly hidden by SM or is just a result of my mind going crazy and making up a load of crap because I can’t wait until August to read the book itself.

Here we go:

1. The epilogue to Eclipse was written from Jake’s POV.

This could mean:
- Breaking Dawn being written from Jake’s POV

2. Leah was a main character in the epilogue along side Jake.
This could mean:
- Leah goes after Jake
- Leah and Jake end up together (Anyone else agree with this one? I haven’t had a lot of support…)

3. Stephenie has told us that the reason the Cullen’s (or anyone for that matter) are unable to defeat the Volturi is because of Alec’s yet-to-be-discovered-by-us power.
This could mean:
- If there ends up being a war fought between the Cullen’s and The Volturi, Alec’s power would decide how it plays out, and someone could be killed.
- Because they are so very close, the power could be linked in some way to Jane’s

4. Stephenie herself has told us that she will not break up Edward/Bella
This could mean:
- Bella WILL NOT end up with Jake.
- Bella is changed
- They actually go through with the wedding (and I do pray this happens)

5. In Eclipse, Bella says: ‘If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party too.
This could mean:
- I’m not so sure if anyone else agrees with this, but I feel as if Angela’s character will play a big role in Breaking Dawn. It’s like she’s quietly waiting on the side lines for her big moment. All I could think after reading Bella’s above statement was:
a)Please God, don’t bring witches into this
b)I really, really, really want Angela to either be turned into a vampire or imprinted upon. Just as long as she is in on the secret, because I can see her and Bella as best friends. But if she was imprinted on, would this turn her against the Cullen’s?

6. We haven’t really seen very much of Renee and Phil…
This could mean:
- So, not seeing much of them isn’t a clue at all, it’s just that I desperately want them to have a baby that Jake imprints on. Lol. Awkward much?
7. In ‘Craptastic covers’ on SM’s site, she has a cover of a book with the title ‘Forever Dawn’. The cover features a young woman with topaz eyes.
This could mean:
- Bella is changed of course! The girl could easily be Bells, and if she has topaz eyes that could only mean one thing…Or could it maybe show what she truly wants the most?

8. Edward doesn’t want to change Bella
This could mean:
- Steph has mentioned before how she didn’t want Edward to leave in New Moon, but it’s what she knew Edward would do so she had no choice. This could mean that, even though he has said he will change Bella, he will only do what he believes is right thing and she will stay human.
- That said, our dearest Eddykins did promise, and if he was going to take the whole ‘morals and virtue’ path, then Bella’s obvious reaction would be ‘you promised’ and I don’t think he could then say no without contradicting himself.

So that pretty much concludes my thoughts and theories for Breaking Dawn. I am exceedingly interested in what everyone thinks of my theories and what your own are as well, so please comment and let me know!
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Irissleepall_day on March 2nd, 2008 07:22 am (UTC)
Dude, I'm so in need of a distraction right now and I'm really anticipating the book too, so this is perfect for me! I'd love to discuss :)

Leah and Jake end up together
I actually want this just because of how annoyed I was in Eclipse by constantly having read about how Jacob is in PAAAAIIINNNNNN! I can't really blame Bella but she was kind of hurting both Edward and Jacob and we know who she wants to be with, so, it'd be nice if Jacob gets a happy ending too.

I'd love if Angela was brought more into the book too. It'd be great if Bella wasn't leaving her human life completely behind...

This could mean that, even though he has said he will change Bella, he will only do what he believes is right thing and she will stay human.
I hope some kind of decision is finally made, seriously. All I want is for there to NOT be a cliffhanger ending.

Bella’s obvious reaction would be ‘you promised’ and I don’t think he could then say no without contradicting himself.
Only thing is, in New Moon, he "promised" her that it would be the last she ever saw of him!

Yeah, so, I said "I'd love to discuss!" but, awkwardly, I don't have much else to intelligently say. :(
Lollyteamxcullen on March 4th, 2008 09:31 am (UTC)
I know, I want Jake's happy ending, too.
And the more I think about it, the more sense it makes that he should end up with Leah.

And yes, keeping Ange in the story would keep a part of Bella's human life with her which would be fantastic.

A decision has to be made. Like, for God's sake!! Hahaha x] I don't reckon SM would actually do that to us without making a final decision. Too much pain for us all.

Good point with the promises. I see where you're coming from, but I hardly think that Edward would want to base his future decisions on his actions during the New Moon period. Not after what it did to Bella.

I don't really care if you don't think that you've got anything else intelligent ot add, I'm just happy to babble ;]
Alexaalexandra_stone on March 2nd, 2008 08:32 am (UTC)
1. nope, cant happen. Steph has stated that BD will be the last book from Bella's POV
2. if Jake was gonna imprint on Leah it would have happened the first he saw her after phasing into a werewolf. So it's not gonna happen ;p
3. Bella's new power could rival Alec's power :D and i doubt the Cullens would actually want to get into a fight with the Volturi; the gaurd is just far too big.
4. She probably will be turned :D hence number 3 and number 7 will be supporing that theory. And there will be a wedding; it's gonna happen sooner or later.
5. Again Steph has said that dealing with werewolf and vampire methology is keeping her plenty busy and adding another cult in their would just be asking for disater. I think Ang is destined to stay human and with Ben in the near future... just because XDD
6. er-- i doubt it. That child would have to born and i doubt the book will be spanned out over 9 months (seeing as Eclipse hardly covered a month or so)
7. well, i already agree with this. It probably is Bella as a vampire :D
8. He'll change her. He gave her his word; their isnt much he'd go back on, especially to her.
Lollyteamxcullen on March 4th, 2008 09:38 am (UTC)
1. Thank goodness, I was worried about that. Thanks for the confirmation.
2. I don't mean they have to imprint, not all werewolves do. I just think it would make sense for them to be together.
3. I like the idea of Bella's power rivalling Alec's, good theory =] And i doubt a fight as well, it's just that if they make the decision not to change Bella (which is quite likely at this stage), then what are the Volturi going to do?
5. Oh, yeah, I wasn't serious about the witch thing, lol x] But I think Ange's story could go either way because she's a minor charcter.
6. Good point about the pregnancy ;]
7. Yes, please let it be true!
8. I hope so, too=]
Danger is my middle namenightsoftamara on March 2nd, 2008 04:13 pm (UTC)
I love theory discussions! And I really need a break from the endless complaining about the movie. Alrighty, here goes:

1.) I seem to recall reading somewhere that while most of the book will be in Bella's pov, there might be some other povs mixed in. I really hope there isn't a ton narrated by Jacob... not because I have anything against him, but if this is going to be the last Edward/Bella book then I want it to be all about them!

2.) I think that Leah will definately have a role to play in BD since she is the only female werewolf. I'm not that keen on Jacob/Leah myself... on the surface they seem to be fated to be together since their true loves ended up with other people, but personally I don't like Leah all that much and I'd want someone who isn't completely bitter for Jacob. Not that she doesn't have good reason to be bitter, but still. Plus, if I understand imprinting correctly, they can't imprint on each other since they have seen each other after phasing.

3.) I agree. I think Alec, Jane, and the rest of the Volturi are going to be major players in BD. They're the only antagonists left now that James and friends are dead and the Cullens have made their peace with the werewolves.

4.) I will cry if this does not happen.

5.) I don't know, I would be sad if Ben and Angela broke up.


7.) That cover is one of the things that give me hope that Bella is going to be changed.

8.) I think Edward's coming around to Bella being changed, personally. So I don't think he'll try to get out of it... but I am afraid that somehow it won't happen. I will be so choked if she's still human at the end of the books.

I have a bunch of my own theories, but since they are long and filled with crack, I won't post them all here. Here's the link if you're interested: http://nightsoftamara.livejournal.com/7427.html
Lollyteamxcullen on March 4th, 2008 10:27 am (UTC)
1. I'm with you, I'd much rather have our last B/E book, B/E. lol.
2. I'm not saying that they have to imprint on one another, just be together. And I think that Leah is really only bitter on the surface and, as you said, with good reason. I think that if she were to find love in someone else, then she would be her old self (like she was prior to Sam disaster).
3. That's exactly right. The Volturi are the only enemies of sorts left. And I highly doubt that SM is going to bring in new rivals now. Unless there is some sort of clash with the Denali clan (Bella vs Tanya anyone?)
4. So will I
5. I think that it wouldn't be as sad as everyone thinks because it would be more centered on the fact that Ange has either found her true love and imprinted with one of the werewolves or has been turned and is living with the Cullen's and Bella.
6. Haha, it would be funny though, right?
7. Me too.
8. I know. Vampire Bella FTW! x]

Thanks for the link, I will check them out when I can find the time! =]

Ninja at day - Magical girl at nightverschreibsel on March 2nd, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
Okay. You don't know me XD Never mind. Excuse my bad english please I'm still learning (and will forever ^^")
1) As already said Stephenie said it would be from Bella's POV.

2) Well a friend of mine said that it would be very likley that Leah went after Jake because Stephenie said that it was like A Midsummernights dream and it would fit if you see the story with Twilight characters. I don' know how to explain it and I only read the summary on wikipedia.
I think Jacob and Leah would be perfect for each other since they both went through the same. But Stephenie already said that you imprinted as soon as you saw a person. And she means really see. Some people said that Jacob doesn't "see" because he's in love with Bella but that one was ruled out. But since Leah and Jacob don't like/don't believe the whole imprinting thing (Leah hates it because it took Sam away from her and Jacob thinks it will never happen because he loves Bella). Maybe if two awakened werwolves or whatever you call it come together they will never imprint? Or Jacob and Leah come together against all odds?

3) If the power IS linked to Jane's than they don't necessarily need this power. I mean Jane can use hers withour Alec being there. So maybe it's a third power they have together or Alec only has the power with Jane. I think that it will be somehow linked too because they are twins (right?) and everything. I really hope no one dies and I think I remeber Stephenie saying that no one from the "good people" (Vampires and Werwolves) would die because it was a lovestory or something? Maybe I just imagined it.

4) Yes please to all three. I'm not sure how I feel about Bella leaving her family when she becomes a vampire but it's the only way-

5) Yes to a. That would make the Cedward discussion more funny but it would be weird. xD
Yeah I want to keep Angela too. But I like her and Ben together. She shouldn't imprint. And her parents or her mother don't seem like the sort of people that have an affair in La Push. XD But I would really like to see more of her. She's one of my favourite characters.

6) Erm okay that would be really awkward at family dinners. XD And I don't know how Bella would feel about having a half-sister. I like Leah/Jacob just fine. And I hate Renee with passion and don't care for Phil so I'm fine when she's metioned as little as possible. ^_^"

7) Well from the excerpt and the cover I can't guess much but I think it's pretty clear that she will be turned. But the book could be from anybodys perspective. Well I rule out Esme or Carlisle because they are to positive to write that depressing. It's a really short excerpt. But it could also be from someone's POV who didn't appear till now.

8) Edward needs to change Bella. And if Bella ran away from the wedding there's always Carlisle. Edward would me miserable about the wedding but he wouldn't leave Bella. He promised that he would change here so he will do it. My opinion ^^
Lollyteamxcullen on March 4th, 2008 10:35 am (UTC)
Don't worry darling, I think that your English is better than half the people on here since you don't use too many shortcuts! Hahaha =]

1. Yay, good =]
2. That 'seeing' loop hole would be a very interesting thing to bring into this, I like it ;] My friend Jess also read the summary on wikipedia, which I was too lazy to read myself, and said that from what she could gather, no one will be with the right person until the very end of the book. *Gulps*
3. That's good news if SM did say that! And I don't mean that the power is linked in a way that they have to be together to use it, I just mean that maybe when both their powers come together they are indestructable.
5. Angela is one of my favourite also. It amazes me that she doesn't get more support.
6. Awkward family dinners FTW! x]...why do you hate Renee though?
7. What excerpt are you talking about exactly? I've only seen the cover.
8. I hope with all my heart you are right and that Edward changes her as he has proimsed.
I feel ugly but I know I still turn you on: Twilight ► This is heaven to no one elsetekla on March 3rd, 2008 02:03 am (UTC)
af;dkghr I love to discuss about BD, you made my night. XD

1. If I don't remember it wrong from all the questions she received after Eclipse, Stephenie tried the Jake's POV (or at least, just not Bella's POV) for BD but decided not to in the end, because it was not working out as she wanted it to. So I guess that explains the attempt in the epilogue from Eclipse.

2. Lot of people kept asking her about it during the Eclipse tour and she finally said that they were not gonna imprint out of the blue or get together. Maybe she changed her mind after that, who knows with this woman. I'd like to see them as a couple, maybe not imprinted but just being together because they felt like it. :)

3. Where did she say that the reason why they couldn't defeat the Volturi was because of Alec's power? I can't remember reading about it! D: But anyway, to me it's obvious they are going to be the main problem for the Cullen during BD. Along with other elements, such as the pack or Bella changing. Thinking about it, if his power is so useful during battles, maybe he can control what people see, like creating hallucinations or uh, paralyzing the opponent? Idk, lol. Just hope the power is worth all this expectation. :P

4. Bella made her choice in Eclipse, and she chose Edward. The love triangle got solved in Eclipse, I feel like we waste preciousss discussion time every time it's recalled. The main point for the book was choosing love. *emo tears*

5. I think we're trying to see more into the plot that we should. I think it was just a funny phrase, not a key for future events. o_o But hey, who knows!

8. At the end of Eclipse, before reading any fandom reaction, my feeling was that Edward and Bella had got into a pretty clear commitment (I remember Edward talking about this a lot during Eclipse, it always surprises me when no one comments about it.) They were going to get marry, they were going to "try" and then, he was going to change her. It was like something they had agreed on, like a couple. So you can imagine my surprise when I read everyone doubting if he was going to get back his words or not.

To me the big enigma is, after the wedding/trying/changing, what is going to happen? Are the Volturi getting back to Forks or, as Alice said at the end of Eclipse to Jane, they are paying a visit to Italy after Bella gets changed? And what is the pack going to do about the Cullen "biting" someone? To me, those two are the main points: Volturi coming or Cullen going, and the pack's reaction to all of this. And how all this is going to affect to the wedding/trying/changing, which I'm quite sure is going to happen but don't know if things will get delayed because of main points, Volturi/Pack.

I'll shut up nao. :D

Edited at 2008-03-03 02:05 am (UTC)
Lollyteamxcullen on March 11th, 2008 09:09 am (UTC)
1. Oh, Goody x]
2. I would too, good to have others on my side. I didn't mean imprint anyway.
3. From what I remember, it's on his character profile at the Lexicon. If not, it's there somewhere! And yes, it's going to have to be one bloody awesome power. Lol.
4. Good lord, I know. I truly wish that people would open their eyes and realise that there is no longer a love triangle! It was sad though, my heart went out to Jake.
5. Yeah, I know, I do see that it was a joke and probably meant nothing at all, but I'm really hoping for Angela to come deeper into the story. I love the girl.
8. I know I was the exactly the same. But everyone's changed my min and now I'm desperately praying he will go through with it.

Completely agree with that=]
96 tears: twilightninety6tears on March 3rd, 2008 02:35 am (UTC)
2. Stephenie Meyer has replied to questions about this and confirmed that this won't happen (or so I've heard). I'm kind of hoping Leah will end up with somebody and kind of move on from her bitterness over Sam. I kind of think she'd go well with Paul, even though we don't know a whole lot about him.

5. Ha, WITCHES?? I haven't heard anything about this before. That would come far out of left field since as far as I know the only fictional universe which has had vampires, werewolves and witches is Harry Potter. LOL.

6. Renee and Phil would bore me so. But as far as Bella's parents go, I have a theory that Charlie will start seeing somebody in the next book. I'm interested to see what Bella's reaction would be. I hope Charlie finds another wife, sometimes he seems like such a sad man :(

Lollyteamxcullen on March 11th, 2008 09:12 am (UTC)
2. Damn! Lol =] But I don't mean imprint, just get together. Or at least end up friends.
5. Haha yeahh, I was joking. I just want ot see more of Ange.
6. You know, that is an extremely good point. That thought never even ocurred to me, but I hope you're right.
four_springfour_spring on May 24th, 2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
I actually wish that Jacob will end up with Leah. Because, please, he have to let Bella & Edward. & I actually like Jacob, though. But he's not mature enough. Plus, if Jacob was played by Steven Strait, i would have said that he would have end up with me. But, unfortunatly, I don't care AT ALL for Taylor so, he can end up with Leah x] I hope that the book won't be write from Jacob POV. I like Bella & i get used to her thoughts.
About Renee & Phil:
"- So, not seeing much of them isn’t a clue at all, it’s just that I desperately want them to have a baby that Jake imprints on. Lol. Awkward much?"
LOL x] It would be... pretty weird actually. & Bella would be very jealous x]
I can't wait for the book. In France, it will be released in NOVEMBER ! I'm gonna die 'til that ! That's really really unfair for us but I think I will buy it in English :)
Well, i'm sorry for my english !! Hope it doesn't sounds that horrible !
Lollyteamxcullen on May 25th, 2008 03:32 am (UTC)
Omg are you from France?
Cos I'm learning French at the moment and I would LOVE to talk to anyone who actually knows the language fluently =]
And yes, I'm now an avid J/L shipper. I'm currently working on a fic with my friend that involves those two.