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10 August 2008 @ 11:18 am

People - Zooey Deschanel, Emmy Rossum, Ashlee Simpson, Gaspard Ulliel, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed
Movie - Twilight, Mama Mia!
TV - Skins (Cassie)
Stock - Puppy

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12 July 2008 @ 12:02 am
Some more icons, because it has become an addiction.

[3] Emily Browning/Bella Swan
[27] Luna Lovegood
[2] Twilight/Harry Potter
[3] Twilight text
[8] Dream Team
[3] Cullen kids + Bella
[10] Nikki Reed

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08 July 2008 @ 10:05 pm
Been a while, hasn't it?
[18] Emily Browning/Bella Swan

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03 April 2008 @ 05:18 pm
A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and I had been debating for quite a while what I would do for my cake. I love reliving my childhood (lol) so I was originally going for Rat in the Hat from Bananas in Pyjamas (cos, you know, I'm THAT cool) x]. Anyway, the day we went into the cake shop, my mum mentioned something about them being able to transfer your photos onto the cake and that was when it hit me.

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Teehee =]
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02 March 2008 @ 06:04 pm
While many of the posts I have read lately have been very much movie related, some people excited as hell and others just whining because Kristen and Rob are supposedly ‘ugly’ (don’t worry, not any of you guys, mainly the msn group discussions that have been flooding my inbox), I have been completely and utterly wrapped up in my excitement for Breaking Dawn. Just the thought of having to wait another 5 months is pretty much killing me, so, I thought we could have a bit of a discussion and theory chat now.

Ok, so to start with, we have been given a number of things which I consider to be clues. Some are pretty obvious and others are what I believe have either been very cleverly hidden by SM or is just a result of my mind going crazy and making up a load of crap because I can’t wait until August to read the book itself.

Here we go:

1. The epilogue to Eclipse was written from Jake’s POV.

This could mean:
- Breaking Dawn being written from Jake’s POV

2. Leah was a main character in the epilogue along side Jake.
This could mean:
- Leah goes after Jake
- Leah and Jake end up together (Anyone else agree with this one? I haven’t had a lot of support…)

3. Stephenie has told us that the reason the Cullen’s (or anyone for that matter) are unable to defeat the Volturi is because of Alec’s yet-to-be-discovered-by-us power.
This could mean:
- If there ends up being a war fought between the Cullen’s and The Volturi, Alec’s power would decide how it plays out, and someone could be killed.
- Because they are so very close, the power could be linked in some way to Jane’s

4. Stephenie herself has told us that she will not break up Edward/Bella
This could mean:
- Bella WILL NOT end up with Jake.
- Bella is changed
- They actually go through with the wedding (and I do pray this happens)

5. In Eclipse, Bella says: ‘If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party too.
This could mean:
- I’m not so sure if anyone else agrees with this, but I feel as if Angela’s character will play a big role in Breaking Dawn. It’s like she’s quietly waiting on the side lines for her big moment. All I could think after reading Bella’s above statement was:
a)Please God, don’t bring witches into this
b)I really, really, really want Angela to either be turned into a vampire or imprinted upon. Just as long as she is in on the secret, because I can see her and Bella as best friends. But if she was imprinted on, would this turn her against the Cullen’s?

6. We haven’t really seen very much of Renee and Phil…
This could mean:
- So, not seeing much of them isn’t a clue at all, it’s just that I desperately want them to have a baby that Jake imprints on. Lol. Awkward much?
7. In ‘Craptastic covers’ on SM’s site, she has a cover of a book with the title ‘Forever Dawn’. The cover features a young woman with topaz eyes.
This could mean:
- Bella is changed of course! The girl could easily be Bells, and if she has topaz eyes that could only mean one thing…Or could it maybe show what she truly wants the most?

8. Edward doesn’t want to change Bella
This could mean:
- Steph has mentioned before how she didn’t want Edward to leave in New Moon, but it’s what she knew Edward would do so she had no choice. This could mean that, even though he has said he will change Bella, he will only do what he believes is right thing and she will stay human.
- That said, our dearest Eddykins did promise, and if he was going to take the whole ‘morals and virtue’ path, then Bella’s obvious reaction would be ‘you promised’ and I don’t think he could then say no without contradicting himself.

So that pretty much concludes my thoughts and theories for Breaking Dawn. I am exceedingly interested in what everyone thinks of my theories and what your own are as well, so please comment and let me know!
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